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Chinese army shows terrifyingly realistic fish-like underwater drone

An ultra-realistic underwater drone modeled after the arowana fish has garnered a lot of attention online after making its debut at a military expo earlier this month.This year’s Beijing Military Expo opened on June 5, but it wasn’t the tanks, missiles and other potentially deadly military equipment that caught the attention of reporters, it was a rather strange arowana fish swimming in a large water tank that was on the scene. was installed. At first glance, it was just a fish that appeared to be swimming and behaving normally. He swam around normally, and lifted his head for a while when he reached a wall, then he just waved his tail again and swam in a different direction. At first glance, its appearance and movements were those of a real fish, and it was only upon closer inspection that it was realized that this was an advanced fish-like robot.
The bionic arowana, developed by the Chinese company Boya Gongdao, is based on the appearance and smooth movements of the real fish. It features a variety of sensors and global vision control technology, and has a battery life of 6-8 hours.The creators of this incredibly realistic robotic fish think it could be most useful in education and scientific research, as well as marine biology research, but one can’t really ignore its potential in espionage and surveillance, especially given China’s interest in AI-powered surveillance solutions.The impressive device made by Boya Gongdao is reminiscent of another cool project we had a while back, this robot swift developed by the German automation company Festo.

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