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Mozang hospital MS suspended after hundreds of Covid vaccine shots wasted

Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid has revealed that a medical superintended (MS) of Mozang hospital was suspended after 350 vaccine doses were wasted due to poor storage management.

Provincial Health Minister Yasmeen Rashid said in a statement that the vaccine was supposed to be stored at temperatures between 2 to 8 degrees adding officials failed to maintain storage temperatures.

On the other hand, a case of alleged disappearance of 550 Coronavirus vaccines has also come to light in Services Hospital. However, Dr Amjad, principal of the Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), said the vaccine did not disappear but an error occurred during maintaining the record.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar while taking notice of the incident has demanded a report from the Health Department.

He directed to conduct an impartial inquiry into the matter including a thorough investigation of the vaccine record.

Usman Buzdar has said that the disappearance or wastage of the vaccine is an unbearable incident ordering strict legal and departmental action against those responsible for negligence.

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